“Diversity Helps Us to Learn How to Imagine Others Complexly”

Issue Date: 
October 21, 2016

During a recent Year of Diversity celebration on the William Pitt Union lawn, Pitt faculty, staff, and students were given the opportunity to write their definition of diversity and submit their answers anonymously. Here is a sampling of the responses:

  • “Diversity means bringing everyone to the table. I envision all groups and clubs on campus being made up of members of all backgrounds and perspectives!”
  • “Diversity means having access to the different stories and experiences of people from every walk of life. Diversity helps us to learn how to imagine others complexly. A diverse and inclusive campus would provide everyone with a place or group in which they feel comfortable.”
  • Students write their definitions of diversity.“Diversity to me means being in an environment that challenges you. Challenges the way you think and exposes you to new ideas. In a diverse campus, I envision a place where all ideas are allowed to be heard …”
  • “I am an exchange student at Pitt this semester. The fact that I found friends from so many nations is just great, and we’re so welcome here at Pitt!”
  • “Diversity is acceptance of everyone. It isn’t a race thing. You can be diverse in what you are passionate about, what you care about. I think of a campus where you don’t have to think twice about whether you are ‘normal.’” 
  • “Diversity means that everywhere is home for everyone. An inclusive campus makes everyone feel like they’re home.”