Advocacy Panelist Graham Hatfull

Issue Date: 
September 19, 2011

"[T]he relationships between research and undergraduate education… can—and must—work together to fulfill our core responsibilities. ...

The stronger the [University’s] research programs, the higher the quality of undergraduate education. The deeper the involvement of undergraduates in research, the more competitive the research programs are. Investment in each benefits the other. The synergism is perhaps the most powerful force today in higher education. ...

[M]ajor research institutions that succeed in the full integration of their educational and research missions—such as the University of Pittsburgh—gain a key competitive edge, in turn enabling them to attract inquisitive, ambitious, and highly motivated undergraduate students.  The impressive gains in the entrance qualifications of Pitt undergraduates over the past few years are a testament to the importance of these strategic priorities."

—Graham Hatfull

Hatfull is the Eberly Family Professor and  Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.