Advocacy Panelist Jared Cohon

Issue Date: 
September 19, 2011

"The core message that I hope to leave with you today is that the University of Pittsburgh is a unique resource that provides vital services to Pennsylvania residents. Pennsylvania residents benefit from Pitt’s ability to combine undergraduate education in the fields of science and engineering, which are central to Pennsylvania’s future, with cutting edge, nationally recognized research. This linkage—a uniquely American dynamic created by the rise of the public research university—essentially connects students to the jobs and industries that will shape the future and play a vital role in the continued resurgence of the Pittsburgh region. The partnership between Pitt and the Commonwealth provides an environment for education that cannot be replicated in any other public university setting. Thus, the direct support provided by the Commonwealth to enhance the ability of Pennsylvania residents to attend Pitt is crucial for ensuring access to economic opportunity in growing industries. It is an investment in Pittsburgh’s and Pennsylvania’s future growth and prosperity."

—Jared Cohon

Cohon is president of Carnegie Mellon University.