Benedum Hall Renovation, Steam Line Project Approved by Property and Facilities Committee

Issue Date: 
July 2, 2013

The Property and Facilities Committee of the University of Pittsburgh’s Board of Trustees has approved $37 million to complete the renovation of Benedum Hall and an additional $1.5 million toward a project approved in July 2012 to replace and upgrade a steam line providing steam to lower campus buildings. The projects, approved at a June 28 committee meeting, are expected to generate 329 construction and construction related jobs.

The renovation of Benedum Hall, which houses the University’s Swanson School of Engineering, was implemented as part of the University’s 12-year Facilities Plan. This third and final phase will focus on renovations on floors 9 through 12, as well as in the basement and subbasement. Renovations include upgrading laboratories and classrooms, as well as support facilities such as elevator lobbies, offices, conference rooms, and departmental space. The renovated spaces will be enhanced with life-safety features, including fire alarms, automatic sprinkler systems, and improved security.

“In the last few years, the Swanson School of Engineering has experienced considerable expansion and changes in its traditional programs, and new engineering programs have been added to respond to the advances in technology and academic integration with other related University disciplines,” said Jerome Cochran, executive vice chancellor. “This, the third and final phase of the renovation of Benedum Hall, will upgrade the building’s utilities infrastructure to meet current standards for research and teaching facilities and accommodate future research needs of the Swanson School of Engineering.”

The steam line replacement will upgrade approximately 900 linear feet of existing steam distribution and condensate return lines between the corner of Terrace and Lothrop streets and the corner of DeSoto and O’Hara streets. The project will provide adequate flow and pressure from the Carrillo Street Steam Plant on upper campus to lower campus buildings and be of a large enough capacity to allow for future campus growth.