Issue Date: 
August 22, 2007

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Above photos (1): Sophomore tight end John Pelusi. (2): Senior tight end Darrell Strong. (3): Mayor Luke Ravenstahl meeting with the Panthers. (4): Junior wide receiver Austin Ransom.

Pitt Panthers football players and coaches teamed up with Redd Up Pittsburgh campaign workers last month to tear down rusted fences, remove garbage and weeds, repaint walls, and rake grass at Dan Marino Field, located on Frazier and Dawson streets in Oakland.

Players who live nearby have used the field for softball games. “Last year, a couple of times, we came out here and played softball, and we saw how it was and that it needed to be touched up a little bit,” said senior defensive back Mike Phillips.

The Marino Field “redd up” was the football team’s annual community-service project.