Chancellor's Affirmative Action Award Given to Pitt-Bradford Admissions Office

Issue Date: 
June 7, 2010

Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg has selected the Pitt-Bradford Office of Admissions to receive the 2010 Chancellor’s Affirmative Action Award. The award is presented annually to an “outstanding University program area or individual that has made a significant contribution in affirmation action.”

The Chancellor will present the $2,500 award to the Pitt-Bradford admissions office at the University Senate Council meeting on Wednesday, June 9.

The Award Selection Committee “was deeply impressed by the team effort the Office of Admissions employed to develop a program that would create a culturally diverse and inclusive campus and community,” Nordenberg wrote in his May 27 letter to Alexander P. Nazemetz, director of the Pitt-Bradford Office of Admissions, informing him of the award.

“I am well aware of the efforts of the Office of Admissions at Pitt-Bradford to increase enrollment, and I am very pleased to be able to recognize the efforts the department has made in achieving its goals—while also ensuring diversity of the student body,” Nordenberg added.

Pitt-Bradford President Livingston Alexander said, “I’m pleased that Chancellor Nordenberg and the selection committee saw fit to acknowledge the work and success of Alex Nazemetz and our Admissions staff. The colleagues who make up the staff are deeply dedicated and committed to the principles of affirmative action, and they are truly deserving of this special recognition.

“Our current strategic plan features a major strategic direction and specific action plans relating to diversity at the student, faculty, and staff levels. We’ve made tremendous progress at the student level and are beginning to see progress at the faculty and staff levels as well.  Shining the spotlight on the work of our Admissions team will stimulate even more progress in this critically important area,” Alexander added.

The Office of Admissions was nominated for the award by James K. Evans Jr., Pitt-Bradford vice president and dean of student affairs. In his nomination package, Evans detailed the work the department has done, including the dramatic increase in the number of underrepresented students attending Pitt-Bradford, including African American, Asian, and Hispanic students. Evans wrote that the Office of Admissions has created a campus environment “where diversity is seen and celebrated,” including the formation of both an African American Student Union and Asian Student Alliance.

In addition, Evans praised the department for its successful recruitment of a freshman class that draws from 47 counties throughout Pennsylvania and 15 counties in New York State as well as from l3 other states and the District of Columbia.