Chancellor Patrick Gallagher Welcomes Pitt Community

Issue Date: 
August 18, 2014

AsGallagher I embark on my “freshman year” here at Pitt, I wanted to tell you how honored I am to have been chosen as your chancellor. This is a remarkable university, with an enviable record of accomplishments and success, and the promise of even more notable attainments in the years ahead. A university is only as great as the people who comprise it, and you have demonstrated the capacity for greatness; a capacity that I am sure will continue to be the hallmark of the University of Pittsburgh. 

As the campus becomes energized with the vitality that accompanies the arrival of new and returning students, I look forward to meeting and working with our faculty and staff as we pursue the shared goal of ensuring that the University of Pittsburgh will continue to make a difference in the most positive way in the lives of our students, in our community, and in the world at large.

I am equally interested in getting to know our students, who are the focal point for everything we do. I encourage all of you to give them the same friendly and warm welcome that Pitt has become known for and that you have afforded me since my arrival.

In the months ahead, I hope to meet as many of you as possible, so if you see me out and about on campus—and you will—please say hello and introduce yourself. We are all engaged in an exciting enterprise, and working together, we can ensure the continued progress and accomplishments that we all have come to expect of the University of Pittsburgh.