Issue Date: 
June 25, 2007

* Lauren H. Ashe

* William R. Baierl

* George J. Barco, Trustee

* Yolanda G. Barco, Trustee

* David Berg

* George Means Bevier and * Eva M. Bevier

The Blaisdell Family

Herb and Grace Boyer

* Glen F. Brown

Trustee J.W. Connolly and Shirley Connolly

Frances M. Cost and Charles Louis Cost

John Curran, PhD, Trustee, and Connie Curran

José Alberto de Camargo

* Helene B. Duratz

James J. Duratz

The Orville Eberly Family

Mary Lou Ferguson

David Goodman, MD

* Sarah F. Graf

Drue Heinz

Henry L. Hillman, Trustee, and Elsie H. Hillman

John A. Jurenko and Ruth R. Jurenko

* Joseph M. Katz

* Doris Joan Koslow and * Joseph Koslow

* Dr. George Kozmetsky and the Kozmetsky Family
Ronald G. Linaburg, DMD, MS, and Judith K. Linaburg

Howard M. Love, Trustee, and Family

* Thomas Marshall, Trustee

* Norman G. Mathieson, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. McGinnis

* Lou and * Myra Mervis

* Harbaugh Miller, Esquire

* Russell P. Miller

The Millstein Family

* Leighton E. Orr and Margaret W. Orr

* Frank J. Pasquerilla

Mark E. Pasquerilla, Trustee

John M. and Gertrude E. Petersen

Dr. Harold W. Posner and Ilse F. Posner

Lester Rice

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Miller Rike

David Scaife

Jennie Scaife

Richard M. Scaife

Richard P. Simmons, Trustee

Dr. John A. Swanson, Trustee

James Buckley Tafel and Ida Mae Tafel

* Lois Tack Thompson

* Horace M. Umberger

Harvey Wagner and Leslie Wagner

* Christopher C. Walthour Jr.

The Wheeler Family
Kenneth R. Woodcock

* Honored Posthumously

List provided by Pitt’s Office of Institutional Advancement