David Lawrence Hall Renovations Set at $7 Million

Issue Date: 
May 5, 2014

TheDavid Lawrence Hall Property and Facilities Committee of the University of Pittsburgh’s Board of Trustees has approved a $7,362,000 project to renovate David Lawrence Hall, the largest classroom building on the Pittsburgh campus. The project will create 36 construction jobs and 14 support jobs.

The project’s primary focus is the renovation of the building’s large existing auditorium into two lecture halls with capacities of 332 and 571 students, creating a more effective learning environment. The smaller room will be furnished with swing-away seating and tables to encourage collaboration. The larger room will feature large-screen technology.  Both rooms will be fitted with enhanced acoustic treatments and audio-video technology. 

The project will also add a second-floor mezzanine to house three new 50-seat classrooms. The existing 6,520-square-foot lobby will be updated with small group seating areas to facilitate study and interaction among students. The stairwells will be upgraded to improve traffic flow to the second-floor classrooms, and the vestibule storefront at the Forbes Avenue entrance will be replaced. The ground-floor restrooms will be renovated and expanded, and the existing lighting, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems will be upgraded.

“The renovated lecture halls will improve the acoustics and lighting and will greatly improve faculty/student interaction, and the new second-floor classrooms will provide much-needed instructional space. This comprehensive renovation will provide greatly improved functionality and a fresh new look for this high-use classroom building,” said Jerome Cochran, executive vice chancellor.

—By John Fedele