Fundraising Momentum Rolls On

Issue Date: 
October 6, 2014

The momentum to donate to the University of Pittsburgh continues strong two years after Pitt concluded its $2 billion-plus record-breaking campaign, Building Our Future Together. The University is surpassing its own records despite the lack of an official fundraising campaign.

Since the conclusion of Building Our Future Together, the University has raised more than $289.5 million, keeping fundraising momentum going strong. Of the raised total, $131 million is from individual donors and $158.5 million from corporate, foundation, and organization gifts.  

Donations received from July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014, reached $117.8 million, marking the 10th consecutive year that Pitt has surpassed $100 million in cash received. The period also marks the 11th consecutive year in which commitments (cash and pledges) have reached more than $100 million, rising to $152 million. Together, cash and commitment totals have risen to their highest levels outside of an official fundraising campaign. The success of this initiative is fueled by the pledge of 28 major gift commitments valued at $1 million each or more—an increase of eight such gifts from the previous year.

The University’s Office of Institutional Advancement and the Medical and Health Sciences Foundation attribute the momentum to a community that continues to support University leadership, as well as the alumni, friends, and corporate partners willing to invest in students, research, and other University missions.

“We did not take a break,” said Al Novak, vice chancellor for institutional advancement, “and providing scholarships remained a key motivating, underlying priority for our donors.”

Clyde Jones, vice chancellor for health sciences development and president of the Medical and Health Sciences Foundation added, “Identification of priority projects and keeping those priorities top of mind for our supporters are central to our success.”

The Office of Institutional Advancement and Medical and Health Sciences Foundation also cited the Pitt Alumni Association and its successful alumni engagement activities, including the University on the Road programs in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. “These events inform and inspire our alumni and encourage philanthropic support,” Novak said.

It all cycles back to the strength of University leadership, Novak added.

Fueling the healthy fundraising so early in the effort are support from the University’s senior leadership, including the Board of Trustees, and a broad array of other University partnerships.