Newsmakers: When Should Ultrasounds Be Used?

Issue Date: 
March 4, 2013

When Should Ultrasounds Be Used?

Pitt student Paras Minhas participated in a Feb. 13 debate on the question “Should a Physician Be Mandated to Perform, Show, and Explain High-Resolution Ultrasound Images of the Patient’s Pregnancy to Each Woman Presenting for Abortion Care?” The debate, hosted by Pitt’s William Pitt Debating Union, was the fifth in a series of Marcella L. Finegold Memorial Public Debates and the first such debate stemming from a collaboration between the Department of Communication in Pitt’s Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and the Pitt School of Medicine. Minhas is a Pitt senior majoring in microbiology in the Dietrich School, an undergraduate debater, and a 2012 Goldwater Scholar and Amgen Scholar. He has been admitted to the Pitt School of Medicine through its Guaranteed Admissions Program. (John Monroe Butler II)