Pitt's African American Alumni Council Names Cochairs for Diversity Initiative Fundraising Campaign

Issue Date: 
May 17, 2010

The University of Pittsburgh African American Alumni Council (AAAC) has named Louis Kelly (EDUC ’77, ’78G) and Margaret Larkins-Pettigrew (NURS ’76, MED ’94) cochairs of the AAAC Scholarship Campaign Steering Committee. During Pitt’s 2009 Homecoming, the AAAC publicly launched the $3 million campaign to support diversity initiatives at Pitt as well as for continued student scholarship assistance.

Appointed by AAAC President Linda Wharton-Boyd, Kelly and Larkins-Pettigrew will succeed Doug Browning (A&S ’72), who led the AAAC scholarship effort during the initial phase of the campaign through its public launch in October. Kelly and Larkins-Pettigrew served as vice chairs of the AAAC campaign steering committee during Browning’s tenure as chair.

The cochairs, along with the AAAC Scholarship Committee, are the primary alumni volunteers responsible for fundraising. In addition to fundraising, the campaign is focusing attention on the strides made in recent years by the University to strengthen support of diversity efforts across all Pitt campuses.

“Doug Browning’s steady leadership gave a great start to this important project in its early stages,” said Wharton-Boyd. “I am personally grateful for his commitment to this effort. He dedicated more of his time than he initially set out to give, and for that, we say, Thank you! As we move forward, we are excited about the next phase of the campaign, and, with Louis and Margaret leading the way, I am confident we will not only achieve our goal for this second phase, but also surpass it.”

Browning is a senior vice president and general counsel at Sandler & Travis Trade Advisory Services Inc., where he helps governments and multinational businesses modernize their customs and security procedures. Named a Pitt Legacy Laureate in 2007, Browning also serves as a director at large for the Pitt Alumni Association.

Kelly has worked for the District of Columbia Superior Court for more than 22 years and currently serves as an educational specialist for education and training at the D.C. Court Systems Center. Licensed and ordained as a minister in 1998, he is currently on the ministerial staff of the Campbell AME Church in Washington, D.C.

Larkins-Pettigrew is a visiting assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University. Throughout her career, she has held numerous medical positions, including program director for global health and reproductive science in Pitt’s School of Medicine; assistant director of student health at Tuskegee University; and critical care instructor at Brotman Medical Center. She is the recipient of many awards and honors and a volunteer with several nonprofit organizations worldwide.

The AAAC Campaign is part of the University’s Building Our Future Together capital campaign, the most successful fundraising campaign in the history of both Pitt and Southwestern Pennsylvania. To date, the Building Our Future Together campaign has raised more than $1.46 billion.

For more information about supporting the AAAC or to make a gift online, visit www.giveto.pitt.edu or call 1-800-817-8943.