Pitt Announces Provost Search Committee Members

Issue Date: 
January 19, 2010

The University of Pittsburgh has announced the 21-member committee that will conduct the search for the successor to Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor James V. Maher, who announced in November that he was stepping down from that post to return to the faculty.

The committee, chaired by Randy Juhl, Distinguished Service Professor of Pharmacy and the University’s vice chancellor for research conduct and compliance, was assembled through faculty elections and appointments by staff and student organizations and by Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg. Assistant chancellor and secretary of the Board of Trustees B. Jean Ferketish will provide senior staff support as the committee secretary.

Juhl says the committee will begin meeting soon, and that the position has been announced in national publications, including The Chronicle of Higher Education.  He said he hopes that the committee will be able to present its recommendations to the chancellor to make the selection in time to begin the Fall 2010 semester.

Elected by the Faculty

Arts and Sciences
Kathleen Dewalt, professor of anthropology

Dennis Looney, professor and chair,
Department of French and Italian Languages and Literatures

Schools of the Health Sciences
Anna Roman, assistant professor, pathology; senior vice president, Administrative Services and Physician Relations, UPMC Physician Services Division

Provost’s Area Professional Schools
Kevin Ashley, professor of law
Carrie Leana, George H. Love Professor of Organizations and Management

Regional Campuses
Jerry Samples, professor of mechanical engineering technology, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Appointed by Staff and Student Organizations

Staff Association Council
Gwendolyn Watkins, president, Staff Association Council

Student Government Board
Charles Shull, president, Student Government Board

College of General Studies Cabinet
Rosemary Natale, president, College of General Studies Cabinet

Graduate and Professional Students Association
Daniel Jimenez, president, Graduate and Professional Students Association

Appointed by Chancellor Nordenberg

Livingston Alexander, professor of psychology; president, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Dennis Curran, Distinguished Service Professor and Bayer Professor of Chemistry

Larry Davis, Donald M. Henderson Professor and dean, School of Social Work

Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob, professor and dean, School of Nursing

B. Jean Ferketish, secretary to the committee; assistant chancellor and secretary of the Board of Trustees

Jere Gallagher, professor/associate dean, School of Education

Roger Hendrix, Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences

Gerald Holder, professor and U. S. Steel Dean, Swanson School of Engineering

Randy Juhl, committee chair, Distinguished Service Professor of Pharmacy; vice chancellor for research conduct and compliance

John Lazo, Allegheny Foundation Professor of Pharmacology, School of Medicine

Evelyn Rawski, Distinguished University Professor of History