Pitt Colleagues Comment on New Provost’s Election

Issue Date: 
June 28, 2010

Irene Hanson Frieze, Pitt professor of psychology, women’s studies, and business administration and chair of the University Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Gender Equity:
"Patty, who has done an outstanding job in the provost’s office, is known widely among faculty for her diplomacy and her willingness to seek data to better understand issues of concern to faculty and students. She has taken a major leadership role in assessing our graduate and undergraduate programs. I have been delighted to work directly with Patty on issues relating to women on campus. She has revitalized the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Women’s Concerns as one of her many assignments, and she has helped clarify and extend parental leave and other policies of concern to women. I look forward to her taking on this important position for the whole University. Needless to say, I am delighted that this highly competent person, our new provost, also happens to be a woman.”

Kathy W. Humphrey, Pitt vice provost and dean of students:
“Dr. Beeson and I have worked as a team since my coming to Pitt in 2005, and she has been extremely instrumental in our efforts to enhance the student experience in and outside of the classroom. She has championed student causes and concerns on countless occasions and is committed to the comprehensive growth and development of the University. I am thrilled by her appointment and feel confident that she will continue our University’s legacy of greatness; I look forward to working with her on accomplishing our institutional goals.”

David N. DeJong, chair of Pitt’s economics department and a frequent research collaborator with Dr. Beeson:
“I am truly excited that Patty has been appointed as provost. Beyond her outstanding service as an administrator, she is a tremendous scholar, educator, and colleague. As a professor, she secured virtually continuous funding for her research, which yielded publication in top journals. Her contributions to the economics department included excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching, extensive supervision of dissertation research, outstanding service as director of graduate studies, and enthusiastic mentoring of junior colleagues. Although her migration towards administration left a void in the department, I am nevertheless grateful for the tremendous benefits this provided to the University. I look forward to the continuation and expansion of these benefits through her appointment as provost. We are in excellent hands.”