Pitt Graduate Programs Do Well In Latest U.S. News Rankings

Issue Date: 
April 2, 2007

Nursing school leaps to 7th place, medicine to 15th in research and 18th in primary care

The latest edition of the U.S. News & World Report newsstand book America’s Best Graduate Schools, which goes on sale today, contains rankings that show advances in a number of Pitt graduate programs. Some of these rankings also will appear in the April 9 U.S. News & World Report magazine, also on sale at newsstands today.

Pitt’s School of Nursing moved to 7th in the rankings this year, up from 10th when it was last ranked, in 2003. Other nursing programs also ranking 7th this year were Oregon Health and Science University, University of Illinois—Chicago, University of Maryland—Baltimore, and Yale University.

In the Health Disciplines, Pitt’s Nursing-Anesthesia program ranked 5th, up from 6th in 2003. In Nursing Specialties, previously ranked in 2003, Pitt’s Psychiatric/Mental Health program ranked 6th, up from 9th; the Nurse Practitioner/Adult program ranked 9th, up from 10th; and the Nurse Practitioner/Pediatric program ranked 6th, up from 11th.

Pitt’s School of Medicine moved up from 16th last year to 15th in the Schools of Medicine/Research category, tied with Cornell University and the University of Chicago. The Pitt medical school also ranked 18th, up from 33rd last year, in the Schools of Medicine/Primary Care category; other schools ranking 18th this year were Dartmouth Medical School, Michigan State University, University of California—Los Angeles, University of Iowa (Carver), University of Missouri—Columbia, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center—Dallas, Wake Forest University, and Yeshiva University. In the Medical Specialties category of Women’s Health, the Pitt School of Medicine ranked 4th, up from 5th last year.

The Pitt School of Education retained its appearance in the Top 50, ranking 35th, while the School of Engineering moved into the Top 50, ranking 50th with Arizona State University (Fulton).

In Health Discipline programs, Pitt ranked 11th in Public Health, the same as in 2003, when it was last ranked, and 20th in Healthcare Management (previously called Health Services Administration Program), up from its previous ranking of 25th, in 2003.

In Ph.D. programs in the sciences, Pitt’s Ph.D. program in chemistry made the Top 50, ranking 43rd.