Rebecca Bagley Named Vice Chancellor for Economic Partnerships

Issue Date: 
March 16, 2015

Rebecca BagleyRebecca Bagley, former president and CEO of NorTech, will be joining Pitt as vice chancellor for economic partnerships. In this position, a first for Pitt, Bagley will be responsible for coordinating and expanding the University’s significant ongoing efforts in economic development.

As vice chancellor for economic partnerships, Bagley will work with senior leadership to develop a strategic plan for the University in economic development. She will also develop and oversee public and private partnerships that connect and advance the University and have regional and national impact. Another key aspect of her position will be interacting with government, community leadership, and the business community on matters pertaining to economic development.

In making the appointment, Senior Vice Chancellor for Engagement Kathy Humphrey noted that Bagley will ascertain the needs in the economic development arena and set Pitt on a more expansive path to making an impact in those areas. “Our mission requires us to provide service to our community,” Humphrey said. “I am thrilled to have Rebecca join our team as she has the expertise to help us fulfill our mission by creating new connections and developing purposeful partnerships that will drive economic growth and development locally, regionally, and nationally.” 

Commenting on Bagley’s appointment, Pitt Chancellor Patrick Gallagher emphasized that one way Pitt can help drive economic growth is the capacity to move research results from the laboratory or clinic into new or improved products and services in the marketplace. “Our success in translating research results into practice not only accelerates the beneficial aspects of our research but also has a major positive impact on our economy,” Gallagher said. “Rebecca Bagley brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the position of vice chancellor for economic partnerships, and she will play a key role in providing leadership and support for our efforts to drive and shape the economic ecosystem in our region.”

In accepting the post, Bagley said she was looking forward to joining a university with a strong commitment to innovation and collaboration. “This is an important role for a university in today’s knowledge-driven economy. The leadership here at Pitt has recognized the impact that the University can have in this regard, and I look forward to being a part of the team that helps fulfill this commitment,” she said.

While president and CEO of NorTech until Dec. 31, 2014, Bagley led a technology-focused organization that worked to strengthen Northeast Ohio’s economic vitality by accelerating the pace of innovation in the region. NorTech used its expertise in emerging industries to foster an innovation environment that provided companies of all sizes, higher education and research institutions, and individuals of diverse backgrounds with new opportunities for collaboration that create jobs, attract capital, and have long-term economic impact.

Prior to joining NorTech in 2009, Bagley served as deputy secretary for the Technology Investment Office of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). In that capacity, she was responsible for the administration of several major state initiatives with a total of $79 million in yearly appropriations and more than $1.7 billion in investments.

Before joining DCED, Bagley worked for several investment banks, most notably JPMorgan Chase, where she advised energy and technology companies on mergers and acquisitions. A frequent speaker at regional, state, and national conferences on economic development initiatives and programs, she is also a contributing writer for, where she writes about the need for regions to innovate and collaborate to grow and succeed.

Bagley recently chaired the Advocacy Committee of the State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI), was a member of the Department of Commerce Innovation Advisory Board, and served on the Oberlin Community Services board. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Bagley will join Pitt in her new role on April 7.