Shooting for the Stars–The Keith E. Schaefer Undergraduate Scholarship

Issue Date: 
April 13, 2009
Keith E. SchaeferKeith E. Schaefer

In the world of academia, Natalie Bobek’s individuality stands out.  Sporting bright red hair and spinning the latest hits on WPTS, Pitt’s student-run FM radio station, she is not your typical sophomore.

Bobek is majoring in physics and astronomy in the School of Arts and Sciences. She has earned a spot on the Dean’s List and hopes to pursue a career teaching either high school astronomy, math, or physics—or possibly working for NASA.

Bobek is the recipient of the Keith E. Schaefer Undergraduate Scholarship. Established in 2000, the scholarship is given to a student from Allegheny County enrolled in the School of Arts and Sciences and has outstanding academic achievement.

“The scholarship literally enables me to be a student here. I definitely experience less stress,” Bobek explains. “I am learning so much here at Pitt, both academically and outside of the classroom, and the scholarship has a great deal to do with that. I love spending time in the neighborhoods around Oakland, especially Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, and Downtown.”

When she’s not on air, Bobek is busy conducting experiments with electrons and light waves in her physics classes—or learning about celestial spheres and their evolution. Her other passions include the theater and enjoying city life.

Schaefer is a member of Pitt’s Board of Trustees and has previously served as the Pitt Alumni Association president. He is currently the president and CEO of BPL Global, Ltd. an Internet communications company. Schaefer received his bachelor’s degree from Pitt’s College of Arts and Sciences in 1971.

While Bobek is well grounded in her studies at Pitt, she continues to set her sights high.

“All of my dreams are now set into motion to become reality thanks to Mr. Schaefer’s generosity,” Bobek says.