Trustees Adopt Resolution Honoring James V. Maher, Bestowing Upon Him the Title of Provost Emeritus Effective Aug. 15

Issue Date: 
June 28, 2010

Pitt’s Board of Trustees, acting at its June 25 annual meeting, unanimously adopted this resolution, which honors James V. Maher and bestows upon him the title of Provost Emeritus effective Aug. 15, when he steps down from his current position as provost and senior vice chancellor:

Whereas, James V. Maher, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh, has rendered unique and valuable service to the University for forty years, and

Whereas, James V. Maher joined the University of Pittsburgh Department of Physics and Astronomy in 1970 and, as a faculty member, earned a reputation as a committed teacher and highly respected research scientist, published extensively, presented invited talks at conferences and scientific meetings, served as a visiting professor at prestigious international universities, was inducted into prominent professional societies and was elected to serve as Chair of the Department, and

Whereas, James V. Maher was elected as Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor in June of 1994 and over the course of the past sixteen years—through a combination of exceptional skill, broad experience, good judgment and hard work—has provided outstanding service to the University and played a prominent role in elevating the University into the ranks of the country's finest research universities; and

Whereas, James V. Maher has earned the admiration, affection and respect of the members of the Board of Trustees—as well as Pitt's administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni—for his integrity, dedication, loyalty and devoted service to the University; now therefore be it

Resolved that the members of the Board of Trustees do hereby express their sincere appreciation and profound gratitude to James V. Maher for his outstanding leadership and exceptional contributions to the extraordinary progress of the University of Pittsburgh; and be it further

Resolved that as a visible sign of its respect and appreciation for his distinguished service as Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor, the Board of Trustees bestows upon James V. Maher the title of "Provost Emeritus," effective on the date of his formal departure from the Office of the Provost; and be it further

Resolved that the members of the Board of Trustees wish Provost Emeritus Maher continued success and great happiness and look forward to continuing their valued association with him, in common support of the University of Pittsburgh and in friendship; and be it further

Resolved that this resolution be made a permanent part of the University's records, and that it be suitably inscribed and presented to James V. Maher as a symbol of the gratitude for the leadership that he has provided and the high regard in which he is held by his many friends and colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh.

Stephen R. Tritch
Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Mark A. Nordenberg

B. Jean Ferketish
Secretary of the Board of Trustees