University Art Gallery Exhibition Provides

Issue Date: 
January 22, 2007

Pitt exhibition features paintings, sculptures, flags, events

The rich history and contemporary life of Haiti is captured in an exhibition titled Revolution, Ritual, and Remembrance: The Art of Haiti, which will run Jan. 25 through March 17 in Pitt’s University Art Gallery (UAG) in the Frick Fine Arts Building.

The artwork, from a number of private collections in the Pittsburgh area, illustrates Haiti’s struggle to become an independent Black nation—surviving war, revolution, and great economic and political difficulties.

Haitians fought for their freedom in the revolution of 1804, gaining their independence in the only successful slave revolt in the New World. Throughout the following centuries, the nation has been controlled by a number of leaders, culminating in Haiti’s present government headed by President René Préval. The tumultuous events that occurred throughout Haiti’s history are expressed in many of the exhibition’s pieces.

In a country where trees and food are in short supply, the artisans depict lush landscapes, alluring images of abundant fruit and vegetables, as well as feasting and revelry. Colorful scenes of everyday life show a proud people whose courage and strength point the way toward a hopeful future. The exhibition also includes heavily beaded and sequined art on fabric backgrounds depicting religious figures or gods and goddesses.

UAG is open Mondays through Saturdays 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Thursdays
10 a.m.-8 p.m. For more information, call 412-648-2423 or visit
The following events, all taking place in UAG, will accompany the exhibition:

Feb. 2, 5 p.m.—Artist’s Talk: Alix Dorleus, Haitian artist;

Feb. 8, 4 p.m.—Gallery Talk: Haitian and African American Historical Struggle Against Racism Through the NAACP Leon Pamphile, author and native of Haiti;

Feb. 16, 4 p.m.—Gallery Talk: The Joyous Surrealism of Haitian Art Marcus Rediker, Pitt professor of history;

Feb. 23, 6 p.m.—Open Mic Event: The Spirit of Haiti. Hosted by Nathan James, actor, spoken word poet, and activist;

March 1, 5 p.m.—Gallery Talk: Ian Rawson, board chair, Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti, and Lucy Rawson, president, Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer; and

March 15, 5 p.m.—Gallery Talk: Images of Haiti: Dumpster Deities and Other Paradoxes Bill Bollendorf, director of Galerie Macondo.